Launching an analytics program is a large endeavor. You want the program to be successful but success requires sound planning and execution, with a built-in feedback loop that validates the output.

Cohere Insights is a consultancy that builds cohesive programs for successful analytics applications that align users, sponsors, business teams, engineering, infrastructure, and operations to clients’ goals, capabilities, sustainability, scale, and budget.

Our Approach

We have been planning and executing analytics programs for more than 20 years for a variety of companies, industries, and across many technologies. We take a strategic approach to program definition and then decompose the program into a series of planned and executed projects.

Our approach treats the program as the master plan, well researched and sound, but flexible and adaptable. Our services offer a holistic approach to application delivery that enables communication, accountability, validation, and securing of resources (staff, budget, technology) across the program.

We can define an analytics strategy and program end-to-end or supplement your existing program or technology implementation.

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