1 Services Assessment

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Successful analytics programs start with strategy and success criteria and end with supportable, sustainable, and scalable analytics applications that deliver business value.

Our Services Assessment baselines your current environment and develops a strategy and program model that enables you to achieve your desired analytics goals.

Services Assessment

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Current Baseline

Baselining identifies the qualities of your current environment, which we use to identify and decompose problem areas in your applications. Baselining includes an inventory of your current technology stack, user adoption rates, data transformation processes, performance and operational metrics, and other areas.


The next phase of a Services Assessment is to define an analytics strategy. A strategy provides the blueprint for technical implementation, and addresses problems in your current environment. The strategy aligns users, sponsors, business teams, engineering, infrastructure, and operations to your goals, capabilities, sustainability, scale, and budget.

Technical Implemetation Program

After a Services Assessment, we can implement the strategy through a technical implementation engagement or supplement your existing technical implementation with our offerings:

Application Development

Program Management & Team Organization

User Needs Analysis & Requirements

Product Management

Training & Adoption

Infrastructure, Support & Operations


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