7 Infrastructure, Support & Operations

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Applications and the underlying technology that supports them are part of your larger organizational technology infrastructure. Growing at scale requires that whatever analytics technology you implement should be supportable, fit within existing infrastructure, and satisfy company technology standards. We have deep experience in large scale analytics platform and infrastructure and can help you design and implement an application infrastructure model that will enable you to grow at scale.

A model could include requirements for infra & platform, upgrades, user management, security requirements, cloud, monitoring and alerting, high availability, disaster recovery, business continuity and other areas as identified. It should also support user needs, business and functional requirements.

Support & Operations

Applications that have been tested and deployed into production require operational support to ensure system uptime and availability of features and data within an acceptable performance window.

We have experience in large scale analytics operations and can create and implement an operational support model that includes scope of support, success metrics, oncall model, escalation paths, communication plan, people requirements, monitoring and alerting requirements, SLAs, response times, automation and machine learning requirements, implementation of task system, and task prioritization that ensures balance across support resources and user needs.