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Product in the context of analytics usually takes one of three forms: 1) data products, which are the categorization and aggregation of data that satisfies one or more usage scenarios and is presented in an end user interface for consumption/interpretation, 2) internally built feature-driven front-end or back-end tools used for analysis (an alternative to commercially built tools), 3) an extension of existing internally built or commercial functionality that satisfies one or more use cases not offered by the existing application in its core form.

We can help you in any one of these areas to jumpstart your product roadmap and backlog, as well as manage the product development, deployment, and adoption.

Understanding Your Customer

At the core of product management is understanding your customer base and identifying opportunities for them to use data or use application features in ways that don’t exist in their current environment. Customer needs, use cases/user scenarios, and personas are the foundation for new analytics products.

We can help you identify user needs through a variety of methods, such as surveys, one-on-one interviews, group feedback, feature requests, and facilitated meetings. The output from these methods is transformed into features maintained in a product backlog and product requirements document. The backlog and requirements are prioritized and set a features is delivered through a series of sprints by an engineering team.

The engineering team transforms features into a fully functioning product that satisfies the personas and usage scenarios. A daily scrum meeting is an integral part of the development process as it keeps engineering on track and unlocks development bottlenecks.

We support Lean/Agile development practices using a Minimal Viable Product approach (MVP) whereby a minimal set of top features are identified, developed, and delivered to users for the purposes of culling feedback to input back into the product. This approach shortens the development lifecycle and enables the product manager to get a product in front of users quickly to get feedback and keep the product evolving.

Build vs. Buy Analysis

A common approach in the field of data and analytics is to build tools or platforms instead of buying them — building in-house tools over using commercially available technology. Cohere Insights takes a technology agnostic approach in our practice but we use our experience from consulting on many commercial and in-house built platforms to create an analysis of whether building vs. buying is right for you, including ROI analysis and product roadmap. Building is a great approach when there are no products on the market to satisfy your use case or meet your infra or security requirements, but with building comes a price tag and development life cycle that may be an inhibitor to your overall growth plan.

We can help you decide on the best solution for your short and long term needs.

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