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One great way to see what Cohere Insights can do for you is to see what we have done for other organizations.

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  • Company: Global enterprise software company
  • Challenge: Fragmented analytics/BI environment from multiple mergers and acquisitions
  • Solution: Analytics program strategy tailored for their environment, including agreed upon business reporting needs, delivery plan and team structure, recommendations on front-end and back-end analytics/data technology

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Andrea’s standout qualities include her ability to assess need and craft plans and framework with minimal direction, to achieve operational effectiveness and deliver on products. Andrea was able to help us focus our development on user value in a way that delivered more and better features and gave our work better acceptance in the environment.

She also managed our portfolio as an interconnected whole, where our engineers only saw pieces they were working on. She pushed and pulled resources around from various projects to move the entire roadmap delivery.

– Jack Simpkins, Head of Operations Engineering & Support, Facebook